No one ever said anything about corruption?

The May 4, 2010 Longmont City Council meeting was full of all kinds of twists, turns, surprises, and laughs.  There was also some mass amnesia going on amongst some in the crowd, City Council, and the Election Committee.

(As a side note, it was painfully obvious the sore losers from the 2009 election are still mighty sore (and still mighty losers).  It’s a shame when, a) the relatively uneducated jump into local politics and have a whole few months under their belt and think they got it all figured out, b) play dirty during the campaign, c) lose, and d) still can’t believe they lost and lash out in all directions.  Go back to being Obama Zombies, that isn’t too tough.  There’s serious work to be done here at the local level, go play on the freeway) Continue reading

Best example of ignorant editorials

Boulder Weekly’s pick for dirty politics by Katie Witt’s supporters

In the ongoing need for Boulder to assert its unquestionable dominance over its neighbor to the northeast (for you in Boulder, that would be Longmont), the staff of the Boulder Weekly has selected as their Best example of dirty politics” Katie Witt’s supporters.  In a cute, snarky, and mostly factually challenged diatribe, it decried the fact that the person they preferred to win the Longmont City Council race, Karen Benker, got hammered by (now Longmont City Council member) Ms. Witt. Continue reading

Losers just can’t stop losing

Talk about a losing streak!  A Times-Call Open Forum letter from recent City Council loser Karen Benker and some comments in the always entertaining comment section at the TC online website got me to thinking.  Fellow LA contributor Dave Larison and I have been throwing back and forth the growing list of failures and defeat of the Longmont leftwing losers – sort of like how a pair of cats toss around a dead or dying mouse.   Continue reading

Election Committee, Fair Campaign Act letter to City Council

Mayor Baum and members of council,

I think it may behoove you to sort out a situation with the Election Committee (EC) sooner rather than later.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue of whether they should continue to be a quasi-judicial body or not, the EC plans on spending every week for the next several weeks working on multiple scenarios that include both options.  You could really save them a lot of time and effort, and allow them to get to the more important work of fixing problems with the LFCPA, if you’d just give them the direction on this one way or the other. Continue reading

CO Secretary of State candidate visits Longmont

Screwballs on parade

Colorado Secretary of State Candidate Scott Gessler paid a visit to Longmont Wednesday night in what turned out to be a very well attended event, including a handful of protesters who Scott personally engaged on the sidewalk where they gathered.  (Full disclosure, Scott is a friend and was our attorney in our successful First Amendment lawsuit against the City of Longmont).  Some of the signs were a little confusing, yet humorous.  One said “Gessler sued Longmont“, well, actually a bunch of plaintiffs sued and he was the attorney, which was in a few papers several times – not exactly unknown information. Continue reading

Truth about contributions buying votes

Alright, this issue needs to be cleared up once and for all.

There are people in town trying to rewrite history about contributions to city council members – or just don’t know what they are talking about.  Part of the reason we are in this whole mess with the Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act (LFCPA) and the Election Committee (EC) all comes down to a $5,000 contribution to Gabe Santos from the Longmont Association of Realtors.  But here’s what the people who keep mentioning this either have conveniently forgotten or don’t want you to know: Continue reading

Neverending record correcting

In the January 17, 2010 Longmont Times-Call there was a guest opinion by Election Committee member Strider Benston that had some outright incorrect statements that need to be corrected.  Keep in mind, this is a member of the committee that just cost the city tens of thousands of dollars.  You’d think he’d at least want to check his facts before making such statements. Continue reading

2009: What a year!

2009 was quite an eventful year for the City of Longmont, regardless of where you stand on the issues.  Obviously, it was better for some than others.  Personally, it was pretty busy but overall pretty satisfying, too.

So lets go through it, month by month: Continue reading