Mayor Coombs: “Tax the hell out of us now”

As if we didn’t know it already,  Longmont Mayor Dennis Coombs has once again shown he’s a mere sock puppet for local hard left progressive ideologues.

The latest proof came with Coombs’ absurd suggestion regarding the passage of a sales tax increase to fund RTD FasTracks.  It’s a plan that at best can promise Northwest Rail to Longmont in an unfathomable 2028-2034 timeframe. Continue reading

The FasTracks fraud presented to Longmont voters in 2004

Feb. 28, 2012
To City Council:

Having worked with RTD Board member Mary Blue on petition signature gathering for the FasTracks sales tax proposal in 2004 (I have now, however, done a complete 180 on FasTracks), I think it is important to review several key points that were presented to Longmont voters regarding the planned Northwest Corridor.  (graphics displayed from RTD document “FasTracks Plan”; April 22, 2004) Continue reading

St. Vrain Valley Voices: Mayor exceeded his authority

(A version of the following was printed in the 2/11/12 Times-Call)

It’s disappointing to see the self-proclaimed “Mayor for Everyone” Dennis Coombs so easily steered and persuaded by the more radical elements in the area. Just when you thought jobs and the economy should be the most pressing matters, along comes Mayor Coombs’ handlers to remind you that social issues like “marriage equality” are more important. I recall Republicans nationally making this same mistake and paying dearly for it. Continue reading

Open Letter to Council: Mayors aren’t dictators

(Open letter to Longmont City Council)

While the Times-Call comment section is burning up more than I’ve ever seen before, I hope all of council is paying attention to what’s being said there.  I waited until over 100 comments were made to weigh in, mainly because I’m trying to stick to what I said at council about not repeating others (not that I’ve really had that problem anyway), but there are some excellent points being made.

Continue reading

Council, public need to meet in the middle on public speaking

(A version of this speech was made at the Open Forum in Longmont City Council Chambers 1/17/12)
Once again, and it’s far from the first time, there have been suggestions to limit Public Invited To Be Heard at Longmont City Council meetings.  I want to make it clear that I am not in favor of that. Continue reading

Hatred, jealousy, and bigotry alive and well on the Longmont Left

From the cluttered desk of the editor…
Again, welcome to Longmont Politics.  And by the traffic numbers both on this site and the downloads of the KRCN 1060AM radio show we’ve been on, we’re off to a great start.  By design, this site links to Longmont related political stories mostly from other sources.  But occasionally we’ll throw in some opinion of our own.  Like this. Continue reading

Election 2011: Longmont has a hard time leaving party behind

Party matters. Even in a non-partisan race.  That’s the conclusion political science professor Kenneth Bickers of the University of Colorado reached after studying Longmont’s local election results from November. Even with no “R” or “D” on the ballot, he said, voting choices consistently tended to break down along party lines.

Read the rest at Times-Call

Longmont’s Historic Preservation Commission needs applicants

The City of Longmont Historic Preservation Commission had three openings to fill, and as of last Tuesday nights City Council meeting only had two applicants. The two regular term positions were filled by those applicants who applied by the deadline and the third spot was re-opened. It will be re-advertised on the City Clerks webpage for selection from City Council at a later date. Continue reading

Political attacks not forgotten

I read with amusement in the Times-Call, and saw on TV during a recent council meeting, the musings of Longmont Area Democrat (LAD) President and Vice-President John & Judy Bigger in regards to the outcome of Longmont’s election.  Maybe they’re not aware that when Mayor Dennis Coombs denounced certain campaign activity that he was, in all reality, talking about them and their cohorts. Continue reading