Free At Last (X2)

As I’ve written plenty of times, I’ve never been much of a “joiner” of groups, clubs, or organizations.  In the span of less than one year I’ve resigned from two fairly large organizations – one that leans left and one that leans right.  Previously it was my bargaining unit, which is a fairly large federal union.  Now I’ve resigned from the Republican Party. Continue reading

Let’s keep Longmont’s political debate civil

Civility is critical when it comes to local political discourse. When disagreement becomes personal, the long-term health of the community can be damaged.  As a new Longmont City Council gets to work, now is a good time to remind everyone of the importance of debating issues without succumbing to the politics of personal destruction.

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Mayor Coombs begins term on wise and positive note

A while back, then candidate Dennis Coombs inquired about a “beer summit” with me before the campaign season really heated up.  Like most of these types of invitations (beer, coffee, lunch, dinner, etc) I receive on a regular basis, I passed as my time is fairly limited – and I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the company he kept.  I finally responded to that email today and wished him well in his tenure as mayor of Longmont.  Based on the events of today, he’s off to a promising start. Continue reading

Longmont 2011 Election Post-Mortem

Well, regardless of how much I’m told how irrelevant I am, since LRod’s visits have skyrocketed leading up to and after the election, it appears some people must be curious on my take on Longmont’s recent election.  I was happy just making my award-winning (and about to win again) chili and listening to music (yep, all 80’s) – but I don’t want to let down my friends and enemas.  So here’s some initial observations. Continue reading


In one of the biggest blowouts in recent Longmont history, Sean McCoy lost to councilmember-elect Bonnie Finley in a Ward 3 rematch of an election from four years ago.  The numbers so far:

Bonnie Finley  3644  63.20%
Sean McCoy    2122  36.80%

One last bit of advice for soon-to-be former councilmember McCoy:
(Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out) Continue reading

Sarah Levison should not be retained to Longmont City Council

I’ve noticed a lot of readers have been finding my blog through searches for candidates in the At-Large race.  I think voters are torn and are trying to find reasons to vote for someone, or against someone.  Personally I think this race will be the closest of all of the council races, and still too close too call.  But I can think of a few reasons, and one in particular, to not vote for incumbent Sarah Levison. Continue reading

Longmont’s Democratic candidates and committees hiding contributors

There’s something rotten in Denmark, or Longmont more specifically.  There is a game afoot to get around reporting who is making campaign contributions and how much they are contributing.  The most egregious example of this has been made by someone on council who pushed the hardest for transparency in campaign reports:  Councilmember Sarah Levison.  But not far behind is a slew of fellow Democrat candidates and a committee. Continue reading

Councilmember Hansen lies about how he chooses board appointments

At a candidate forum organized by the St. Vrain Valley Latino Coalition on October 20th, the topic of board appointments came up. In a Times Call article, Scott Rochat wrote that “according to the 2010 census, about 25 percent of Longmont’s population is Hispanic. But few of those Hispanics serve on the city’s boards and committees.” 

Ward 1 Councilman Brian Hansen replied to that issue and said that whenever other qualifications were equal, he always voted for a minority appointment.”

That is not true Councilmember Hansen. Continue reading

Baum Council ahead of green extremism

Admin noteAs we watch the fantasies of green activists being increasingly exposed, many Longmonters are noting the foresight of the present City Council in stopping these distorted programs before they were to wreak further economic damage on our city. We’ve already covered solar rebates in this blog; today, a guest contributor reminds us of the failed DaVinci Quest…   Continue reading