Andrews: A very different Colorado

The Denver Post:  04/28/13

By John Andrews

Watch closely as the legislature is in its final days of the 2013 session. This year is shaping up as a game-changer for the way Coloradans govern ourselves and seek the common good.

Over the decades, we’ve seen a Republican-led House and Senate confronting a Democratic governor, and vice versa. We’ve seen the House and Senate controlled by opposite parties. We’ve seen the GOP in complete control, as they were briefly under Gov. Bill Owens, and the Dems in complete control, as they are now under Gov. John Hickenlooper.

But never in my 40 years here have we seen so aggressive an ideological agenda rammed through by one party — and with a nasty kicker in the form of rigged election rules that could lock in the dominant party’s gains for a generation. That’s what I mean by a game-changer. Continue reading

Buescher proves incompetence as CO Sec of State

Bernie Buescher, current Democrat Colorado Secretary of State, has made a couple of large gaffes in the last couple of days showing his unfitness to serve in his appointed position.  He was appointed, not elected, to his present post by Governer Bill Ritter after losing his bid for Colorado House District 55 – this in the wave election of 2008 that brought Democrats control of state and federal governments. Continue reading