The Colorado Plan in Action
by Dave Larison

Did it seem odd last fall when left-wing Denver based groups such as ProgressNowAction and Colorado Ethics Watch were so adamantly involved against LifeBridge Christian Church and its fully legitimate Union annexation process into Longmont?

Think again. It was a prime example of a larger scheme–a strategy brilliantly detailed by Fred Barnes in his recent Weekly Standard piece, “The Colorado Model–The Democrats’ plan for turning red states blue.”

Barnes reveals that a small group of rich liberals in Colorado, literally a Gang of Four consisting of mini-George Soros types, has discreetly helped to form an infrastructure of organizations within the state to 1) go after conservatives viciously, 2) help left-wing ballot issues get passed, and 3) magnify alleged wrongdoings against Republican candidates.

These tax-exempt 527 groups do not directly contribute to candidates, so they avoid regulation by the Federal Election Commission. The plan infrastructure also involves leftist bloggers and activists, plus certain on-air personalities, resulting in a loud “echo chamber” of liberal noise. The mainstream media has little choice but to give it coverage.

Since campaign finance reform reduces the amount of money that people can directly contribute to candidates, the newest legislation plays right into the hands of the Gang of Four, who can put millions of dollars into the 527’s and make them that much more influential on the political landscape.

Republicans too have their influence groups in Colorado as well a number of conservative talk-show hosts, but they generally don’t have the big money individuals to match the liberal infrastructure supported by the likes of the Gang of Four.

So voters be aware as the 2008 election season moves into high gear. If an issue or candidate represents what is right and responsible, what appeals to traditional American values, you can bet The Colorado Plan will be in full force trying to devilishly stop it.

Dave Larison is a retired NOAA meteorologist and has lived in Longmont since 1980.

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