End partisanship with this election

(A version of this article ran in the Saturday 10/29/11 Times-Call)
I get asked all the time why do I get involved in local politics?  The answer is twofold.  First, local ordinances and regulations have a far greater effect on your everyday life than some behemoth bureaucracy at the federal level.  And secondly, it’s easier for a citizen to become knowledgeable of and affect those local policies – in other words, “take on city hall”. Continue reading

Local angle on potential national bombshell

That ever so subtle whiff of possible felonious activity you may or not be aware of at President Obama‘s cabinet level is also something addressed at the local level in Longmont.  The current Longmont Fair Campaign Practices Act has a provision for “encouraging withdrawal from a campaign“.  The federal version is an impeachable offense and could land one in prison, the local version carries the highest penalty ($499) of any any offense in the ordinance. Continue reading