2012 Election Post-Mortem

Another election, and plenty of opportunities lost.  First, with the Presidential race I got 44 out of 50 states right, which is my worst call yet.  But, I was far from alone on that one and people far smarter and more prominent than I got it even worse.  At the time of this writing, Florida still hasn’t been officially called, but I assume Obama will get it and a final tally of 332-206, although the popular vote was much closer than that Electoral College number looks. Continue reading

Brandon Shaffer’s Todd Akin Moment

(The following appeared in the August 29, 2012 Longmont Times-Call)

Contrary to his blind loyalists repeated fawning, I’d like to paint you a quite different picture of State Senator and U.S. Congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer. I’ll get to his horrid voting record over the last 8 years later, but there’s even something more despicable he’s engaged in that you probably aren’t even aware of.   Continue reading

What about Shaffer’s record?

(A copy of this letter first appeared 7-12-11 in the Longmont Times Call.)

To no one’s surprise, state Sen. Brandon Shaffer, D-Longmont, told a group attending a backyard 4th-of-July party that he’s running for the 4th District Congressional seat held by Republican Cory Gardner.

Scarcely front-page material, especially after being pre-released via YouTube, the Times-Call nonetheless did its duty in reporting Shaffer’s confirmation. Fair enough.

But it didn’t stop there. The very next day, Shaffer again made the front page, this time in a lengthy interview so boring that the dramatic backyard scenario had to be trotted out again. Continue reading

McCoy letter to Rep. Gardner was typical political hackery

Below is the original opinion piece sent in to the Times-Call.  What was printed in the May 6, 2011 edition was a shorter version I sent since the longer one below could not, or would not, be ran.  There were quite a few changes to my 300 word version, and I’m sure my 700 word version would have been edited beyond the point of making it worth printing.  Follow this link for earlier comments and updates on the story.   Continue reading

Longmont’s Clown Prince tries to scold a congressman

Loser pickin’ a winner

(SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM)  Something you may not see in the Times-Call or any legitimate online news source is a pathetic little open letter from Longmont City Councilman Sean McCoy to U.S. Congressman Cory Gardner (copy secured through Open Records request can be found here).  If I wrote that screed, or had some imbecile ghost writers put it together for me, I’d hope no one would see it, as Mr. McCoy often portrays himself as an “educator“.  God help our schools. Continue reading

Validating the vote: Markey votes to raise taxes on job creators

Lame duck one termer Betsy Markey once again voted against her soon-to-be former constituents, hopefully for the last time.  This time she voted to raise taxes on those making more than what Democrats currently consider “rich”, who are also the job creators.  That number is always moving – used to be millionaires actually made a million dollars, then it was $500k, now it’s somewhere around $250k.  Typical Liberal/Progressive class warfare. Continue reading