Christensen, aka “Polly Progressive”, off to worst start ever for Longmont councilmember

You don’t have to take my word for it, but newly elected Polly Christensen – who’s now earned the moniker “Polly Progressive” (hat tip The Coyote) – easily has had the worst start of any Longmont city councilmember.  And that’s saying something considering Sean McCoy once sat on that council.  Here’s a recap of what’s gone on, with links and tweets galore.  But first, this awesome YouTube video: Continue reading

The Left is the face of hate

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than my last story about Wisconsin, our friends on the Left turn out to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

Where to start?  Well, I’ve said many times how sexist leftists are, make that violent sexists.  Here’s the video of a Communications Workers of America (a union) thug


assaulting a female taking a video with her phone.  This group marched on FreedomWorks, so you’d think they want to be noticed, maybe even interviewed of why they were there. This goon went after a big, bad 5’1″ female, I could feign outrage but I’m not the least bit surprised.  These people are showing they can’t handle defeat or opposing opinions.  Get your orange jumpsuit sized, guy.  Watch and enjoy. Continue reading

9 reasons to Vote Democrat, or not

Unlike other sites in the area where 90% of their content is borrowed from other sites, I’m going to make an exception and post something that I didn’t write myself.  This comes from best selling author and radio personality Mark Levin, and it’s too good not to share.  For those too lazy to read, a YouTube video of Mark saying it himself follows.   Continue reading

Extending the lefty losing streak

Well folks, our local gang of progressives lose again in selling their souls to far-left Andrew Romanoff and his U.S. Senate primary bid. I guess now the WIIFL (WhatsinitforLongmont) crowd will have to get onboard with the new website just launched…

Michael Bennet: Wrong for Colorado

So the Longmont lefty losing streak is now into double digits (10) dating back to the elections of November 2009. Here’s the updated list as originally posted by Chris Rodriguez in March 2010… Continue reading

Progressing beyond the Constitution?

Conservative TV/radio host Glenn Beck has probably spent more media time than anyone else in exposing the Progressive Party in the United States. Beck summarizes the movement as “progressing” beyond the Constitution, or getting beyond principles of the founding fathers that put limits on government by favoring individual rights. Continue reading

Democrats having LBJ moments

“…I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party…”  President Lyndon B. Johnson – March 31, 1968
With the recent announcement by Democrat Michigan congressman Bart Stupak that he wont seek reelection, it continues to be clearer that these members of the House, Senate, and some state Governors (like our own Bill Ritter) put party above country.  If they’re not prostituting themselves for special deals for their states or big money for their campaigns (like our own Betsy Markey and the Service Employees International UnionSEIU), they are taking themselves out and refusing to have their constituents judge them on their recent voting record.  True cowardice.   Continue reading

The Left’s provocative victimization scheme

You need to make your own determination on what you believe when it comes to these threats supposedly being made on both sides of the political spectrum.  Based on my own experience I (shockingly) tend not to believe our friends on the left, with good reason:  I’ve caught them lying repeatedly, and have witnessed their tactics first hand.  What’s so humorous is when they cry and whine after someone does to them exactly what they were doing previously. Continue reading

Deciphering political doublespeak

I about fell over laughing when I saw the following tagline “Members of Congress must embrace accountability – People across the country are tightening their belts, and we must expect our government to do the same.” That was the op-ed title from U.S. Representative (Dem-04) Betsy Markey in a special to the Times-Call on March 25, 2009.

Six days earlier I wrote a piece requesting an apology for what our current crop of representatives pulled with their signing of the stimulus bill without reading it. I’m not going to jump to conclusions and delusions of grandeur that these representatives actually read it or care what I wrote, but I did log a lot of hits from U.S. House of Representatives and Democratic National Headquarters computers. They like Googling themselves apparently, cute.

But this pack of nonsense from Ms. Markey was just too much, and more than likely people bought it hook, line, and sinker. She just signed the bill that people are howling over because of these AIG bonuses, yet now proclaims she and her fellow representatives “must embrace accountability” and “tighten their belts”? This is the same old claptrap of “do what I say, but not what I do” in the guise of freshman, inexperienced politics. This of course includes their party leader, President Obama, whose last press conference was a clinic in doublespeak and dodging.

She mentions “implementing effective policies”, like these ridiculous deficits over the next 12 years? Like not noticing these AIG bonuses you signed for? She’s “proud” of her “efforts to bring real change to our government”. Sounds like more of the same, including the lousy congressional ratings. But what “change” has she brought? Once again, I’m all ears.

She worries about the word “accountability” being “in danger of becoming just another meaningless buzzword”. She’s right, and she’s engaging in that very activity. What total hypocrisy and double standards.

When I met and spoke to her my advice was to try to run a clean campaign and stay above the mud slinging, and that she’d probably have a good chance at winning. I wasn’t saying that because I necessarily wanted her to win. While being a nice enough lady, I saw her as a fairly inexperienced, unseasoned future bureaucrat who couldn’t even keep our fairly large union’s name straight. But I gave this suggestion because she needs to keep in mind the district she represents, which is not some heavily leftwing district by any stretch of the imagination.

You that were fooled into voting for her, you’ve also been put on notice by her, if you didn’t catch it. If you read between the lines of her op-ed she’s telegraphing that she’s about to disappoint a lot of people who voted for her. Sure didn’t sound that way during the campaign jumping fully onboard the Obama bandwagon like a bunch of other suckers. This is the problem with going all in with the hero worship when it involves politicians, whether its people seeking office or their minions. Of any party. Sooner or later these people let you down or will be let down, and they sure take it harder than finding out something like Britney Spears isn’t all she was cracked up to be, or the pundit (or governor) they follow is a pedophile, home wrecker, or tax cheat.

When in comes to Ms. Markey, this isn’t some newfound independent streak, it’s the classic art of political self preservation. She knows she’s in a mostly rural, fairly Republican district. She knows she won against an incumbent (and incumbent party) that wasn’t very popular. She knows she played dirty during the campaign. She knows candidates are lining up against her for 2010 already and that she’ll be in one of the national “targeted” races. She knows she needs either a) Republican votes to win, or b) hope, as in 2008, that Republicans don’t show up on Election Day, or both. She hopes op-eds like this one will fool enough people into believing what she says, and ignores her actual actions on The Hill.

Since I gave advice once, and know these blog entries somehow get the attention of certain sites (mentioned above), here’s another tip for Ms. Markey: be yourself. That’s right, be yourself. You were elected to represent this district, but being this is (still, for now) a representative government, you don’t need our constant approval or endless polls, nor do you need numerous town hall meetings to hear griping and your sycophants nudging. (But if you are going to have these kinds of meetings, can they at least be in non-partisan locations and venues?)

Stand and vote on your principles, whatever they may be. You won, with a majority even. Don’t just pander for the next election, actually do something, you may not have a second chance (as in term). And I think you know that. If how you vote now is contrary to what you “sold” during the campaign (for instance, did you say you were against the assault weapons ban? I didn’t hear that), explain it – don’t try to cover it up like this op-ed piece does. Your voting record will be closely scrutinized, count on it. Might as well make the best of it.

But while you’re at it, don’t forget you don’t just represent your party or the drones who would vote for you no matter what. You don’t just represent women, you don’t just represent this district or state. You represent this country above all else. Waste that and you don’t deserve support or re-election.

Pathetic Congress Deserves Its Rating

Historically lowest ratings for Congress, and today further highlighted why. This Democratically controlled excuse for our House of Representatives sent their hapless pack of leaders to the podium today for some of the more pathetic political theater witnessed in quite a while.

Lead by arguably the worst Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who stood up their giving kudos to the very people to blame for this bills failure. I had to laugh when she mentioned the “Whip”, who is supposed to “whip” the vote, and who obviously failed miserably at it. The Democrats have the majority, they don’t need a single Republican vote to do anything except override a veto. No veto was coming.

But this freakshow lead by Pelosi, Emanuel, Hoyer, and Frank (all D-who cares from where) couldn’t restrain themselves attacking those awful Republicans who voted against this. Further proof there never was any deal, and for Pelosi to call the vote was foolhardy at best. This, after ripping into the very Republicans she needed, apparently, to get this passed.

I say apparently because while you listen to these fools rip 133 Republicans who voted NO, they seem to forget the 95 Democrats who also said NO. Colorado Democrats Mark Udall and John Salazar among them, as did Republicans Musgrave and Lamborn. Members of the Colorado delegation voting YES were Degette (D), Perlmutter (D), and Tancredo (R).

Why is this worst rated Congress ever? Does anyone really have to ask that question any more? It all starts at the sad top of the Democratic Party and their inept leadership. Not only can’t they get any consensus from the opposing party, they can’t get it from their own. Representatives from the Democratic Party who voted against this, like Udall and Salazar, need to step forward and not only defend their vote, but give a vote of no confidence (if that matters) in Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Hoyer, and their whip Clyburn and demand a change in leadership ASAP.

This party wanted their chance and got it in 2006. They’ve made a mockery out of one branch of our government and showed that they are lead by a pack of buffoons. While they don’t deserve to be returned to the majority, they probably will, but at the very least can any of them, say senatorial candidate Mark Udall, show a little spine and leadership? If you stand by this NO vote as a way to stand up for your constituents, stand up against your party leadership and lead or get out of the way. They were insulting you, too, Mark.

Election Prediction Update

Every six weeks or so I like to go back to Intrade ( and see how people are placing bets on which way the election is heading. The last time I checked it was back in the first week of August, with the Democratic nominee (Intrade just lists DEM and REP in the state-by-state picks) was up 311-227 (Electoral College Votes – need 270 to win). I personally put it closer than that, putting the Democratic candidate up 279-259. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then.

According to the latest numbers, things have tightened up considerably in the race. They have the Democratic nominee winning 273-265, I have the Republican nominee winning 274-264 (for the sake of simplicity, we’ll just say Obama(Dem) and McCain(Rep) from this point on). The difference? One state. Colorado.

Last time around, “Unaffiliated” had the highest amount of registrations in the state. According to a recent AP article, Republicans now hold that edge, which means the majority of those registered in Colorado are either Republicans or Unaffiliated, which could be important swing voters. But on the Democratic side, it shows their Senate candidate (Mark Udall) with a 73-26 advantage over Republican Bob Schaffer. I think it will boil down to how much early voting there is, and the many ballot initiatives and who they bring out to vote. With a glance at some of these (TABOR-killing initiative, definition of a “person”, and ending race preferences) I give the edge to Republicans showing up more, which should amount to more McCain votes. The polls, which had Obama up by as many as 9 points, have gone back and forth on who is leading, amounting an average of an ever shrinking Obama lead that’s less than most margins of error.

Besides Colorado, which is the closest on Intrade (54-45 Obama), there are a couple other states that are close, a couple are surprises and weren’t in this category 6 weeks ago. New Hampshire is the next closest with it now 56-45 Obama. I left this in the Obama category, but there is something for Democrats to be worried about here: the last time I checked registrations, “Unaffiliated” held the lead at 44%, second place was Republicans with 30% and then Democrats with 26%. This was a surprise, and may have changed some since, but these numbers don’t usually jump up or down more than a few percentage points over the span of a few months.

Next is Nevada at 58-45 McCain, where registrations are nearly identical between the two parties, I expect McCain to carry this state. Then New Mexico at 60-45 Obama, which is a 13 point drop in the last 6 weeks, but many more Democratic registrations, so even though this is right in McCain’s backyard, I still give it to Obama. Then Virginia, which shows 61-42 McCain (registration numbers weren’t available), and while this may get close, I still think McCain will carry it. Lastly, Michigan, which I never guessed would make this list, is showing 62-40 Obama. While it may get some attention, the only way I see McCain winning this state is if there’s some unforeseen landslide. The rest of the states have larger spreads than this, including Ohio and Florida (McCain), and Pennsylvania (Obama).

Lastly, Intrade has a Presidential Election Winner betting option. The last contracts were 52.4 McCain to 47.1 Obama. If there truly is a greater than 5% gap in the popular vote like this, there should be an even greater gap in the Electoral College totals. But it’s not all gloom and doom for Democrats: Intrade shows them keeping control of both houses of Congress, and it’s not even all that close.