“Goldilocks” Levison “just wrong” for Longmont

If you are a subscriber to the Times-Call you saw a fairly self-centered and egotistical editorial by Longmont City Councilmember Sarah Levison.  This is par for her course as she’s often referred to herself as the “hardest working member of council.”  Talking endlessly does not equate working hard, it just equates…talking a lot.  But the “Goldilocks” reference she used is apt, but not in the way she means. Continue reading

Longmont’s Democratic candidates and committees hiding contributors

There’s something rotten in Denmark, or Longmont more specifically.  There is a game afoot to get around reporting who is making campaign contributions and how much they are contributing.  The most egregious example of this has been made by someone on council who pushed the hardest for transparency in campaign reports:  Councilmember Sarah Levison.  But not far behind is a slew of fellow Democrat candidates and a committee. Continue reading

Moving Longmont Forward…with attack mailers

It’s good to see the double-standard bearing hypocrites in Longmont still have somewhat of a pulse.  Possibly coming soon to a mailbox near you is an attack mailer aimed at Mayor Bryan Baum by an innocuous sounding political committee called “Moving Longmont Forward” or MLF.  This is a group of liberal/progressives who are obviously a hateful and angry group based on the mailer they sent out. Continue reading

Yellow Scene makes some surprise endorsements

I occasionally check out the Yellow Scene magazine.  They’ve been somewhat fair to me over the years, and even gave me one of the first write-ups of my first blog, Wrongmont, and it was positive.  I think it’s pretty universally accepted to say they lean to the left politically, so to say some of its recent endorsements for Longmont City Council was a surprise is putting it lightly. Continue reading

Continue the liberal/progressive losing streak

Longmont voters would do well to follow regional and national trends and remove the liberal/progressive cancer that has infested our local government.  The elections of 2006-2008, especially Longmont’s election of ’07, have proven to be an aberration that has left a foul taste in most citizens’ mouths, and voters have been turning back this unseemly tide. Continue reading

Campaign Sign Warfare: 2011 Edition

In the October 7, 2011 Times-Call it was reported that people are going around stealing campaign signs from certain candidates.  Regular readers of this blog or its predecessor will know this is nothing new.  And once again it’s coming from one side – our local liberal/progressives. Continue reading

Responding to the letter writing ignorati

As an “agenda-setter”, as opposed to the usual “responders”, I’m going to once again make the rare response to some responses to my observations.  Starting to see why the site name was changed to “Lightning Rod“?  Read the tagline at the top of this page again:  “a person or thing that attracts and absorbs powerful and esp. negative or hostile feelings, opinions, etc.”   Continue reading

Slander as a campaign tool

It appears that some of the left-wing of Longmont will go to any lengths to help get their candidates elected.  Recently, it turns out that a volunteer for the Dennis Coombs campaign (running for Mayor against incumbent Bryan Baum) has resorted to not only telling lies about Mr. Coombs’ opposition, but slanderous ones at that.  When asked about it, Mr. Coombs apparently was aware of it.  The question is, what is he going to do about it? Continue reading