McCoy, Hansen, and Levison’s 4 year assault on religion

I’m sure this is something current councilmembers Sean McCoy, Brian Hansen, and Sarah Levison would rather just be forgotten and swept under the rug.  Their involvement in the railroading of Longmont’s LifeBridge Christian Church, whether you are religious or not, was despicable and by itself is reason enough to never consider reelecting any of them.  Mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs needs to be asked about this subject and where he stands on it as well. Continue reading

Mayoral candidate Coombs stiffs kids at school fundraiser

Seems there was a fundraiser August 27th over by the Pumphouse Brewery, which is of course co-owned by Longmont mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs.  The purpose of this fundraiser was to help students of Twin Peaks Charter Academy (TPCA) pay for their upcoming Washington D.C. trip.  What Mr. Coombs did to them was pretty despicable, and it’s being talked about all over the school.   Continue reading

Pumphouse owner, mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs continues rule breaking

Last time it was Longmont mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs asking his supporters to break the Times-Call‘s TC-Line rules to help shill for him.  This time he’s ignoring the rules for Festival on Main thrown by the Longmont  Downtown Development Authority (LDDA).  Pleading ignorance of these rules won’t cut it for someone running for Mayor.   Continue reading

Longmont Area Dems go on attack for mayoral candidate Coombs

Ah, the company one keeps.  In the case of some local candidates (Sarah Levison, Sean McCoy, and Dennis Coombs) that company is fairly slimy indeed.  If you haven’t heard, the local leftwing lunatic fringe has all but taken over the Longmont Area Democrats organization.  Their stink will follow the above mentioned candidates quite closely, trust me.  Here are their latest escapades: Continue reading

Mayoral candidate Coombs encourages breaking local papers rules

When you have a campaign manager for two of the biggest electoral flops in recent Longmont history behind you (Karen Benker and Richard Juday), it’s no surprise that you’ll come across mistakes like this.
Whoever is running Longmont mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs Facebook page – and we’ll just have to assume it’s Mr. Coombs himself or that he’s approving everything on it – has recently made the suggestion that supporters should call the Times-Call‘s T-C Line and show support for Mr. Coombs.  Here it is: Continue reading

Times-Call protecting mayoral candidate through censorship

Let’s just cut to the chase and call the Longmont Times-Call the Longmont Post, or the Longmont Daily Camera.  Anything resembling independence has steadily been ripped away since it was sold to the parent company of the Denver Post.  While I’m a regular contributor in Open Forum letters and Guest Opinion pieces, their online editing policies are bordering on ridiculous.  If saying this puts me in a bad light, so be it. Continue reading