Deny public money to political organizations

On the Tuesday December 20, 2011 Longmont City Council meeting agenda, there is a request from El Comite for $6,900 from the Council Contingency Fund.  This fund currently has a balance of $26,982, El Comite is asking for a quarter of it.  City Council should deny this request and end the ongoing subsidies to this and all political organizations. Continue reading

Apply pandering liberally to affected area

Every so often, our liberal/progressive friends accidentally state their true intentions with their supposed love of “diversity” and “inclusiveness”.  What they say is: “There’s a lot of those Hispanics and whoever corals them and their votes will win every election”, in so many words.  It’s a national as well as local phenomenon, including right here in Longmont, as the Hispanic/Latino demographic is a force to consider in politics. Continue reading

Some on Left show hypocrisy on race relations

The following appeared in the Sunday April 4, 2010 Times-Call as a Guest Opinion.  Further comments follow at the bottom.

I know I can’t be the only one who’s sick and tired of hearing this feigned outrage from the Left about racism and bigotry in America.  The recent guest opinion of Tom deMers and the ongoing vitriol from other local and national mouthpieces has further upped the ante of the Left’s hypocrisy when it comes to race relations.  This laughably coming from the pro-slavery party of the 1800’s, deniers of funding for a Washington D.C. charter school made up mostly of African-American low income children, and pushers of abortion in the inner cities.  Yet they mistakenly think they have some moral high ground in this area.  Based on what I ask, the old “lie told enough times” theory?   Continue reading

Progressive’s Hispanic litmus test

Recently, Longmont resident Bob Norris made some comments in a Times-Call editorial and a KGNU radio show I’d like to address . He often speaks publicly about inclusion of our minorities in town, which is laudable, but there are some undercurrents that aren’t so laudable.

During a candidate forum at Silver Creek High School, he got into an argument with eventual mayoral race winner Bryan Baum because Mr. Baum basically repeated what Mr. Norris has been saying about inclusiveness.  Isn’t that the point when you speak to leaders, to have them embrace your position?  But from what I heard, Mr. Norris didn’t want anyone else taking credit for this idea, which is far from his own. Continue reading