A real Longmont crisis vs. an imagined one

A real Longmont crisis vs. an imagined one

By Dave Larison

It occurs to me in the midst of the current public health crisis that Longmont actually has two declared emergencies in effect, one a very real threat due to COVID-19 and the other a fictitious “climate emergency” forced by local environmentalists in the fall of 2019.

Last January at a Longmont City Council meeting, I incredulously heard a deputy city manager state, “This is a crisis (climate change) not unlike the crisis and emergency that we went through in the 2013 flood.” Oh please. If anything, there will be a great backlash against the radical environmental movement in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

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PLAN-Boulder County shows its true colors

Guess who’s the keynote speaker at the PLAN-Boulder County annual dinner this week? None other than Van Jones, the past self-described “communist” who resigned his White House Council position in 2009 over a bevy of radical leftist remarks and associations.

It’s really no surprise for PLAN-Boulder County, an original group of tree hugging idealistic liberals from Boulder who for 50 years have hijacked the political and business landscape of the county in the name of green extremism. Continue reading

Progressively regressive for Longmont and America

It is important for common-sense citizens to realize that in opposing the Bloc of Four in Longmont we are fighting the greater agenda of the Progressive Movement, the Modern Liberal, the Boulder Mentality–whatever you want to call it.

It seems that every issue with these leftists comes down to extreme environmentalism, fiscal irresponsibility with taxpayer monies, and basic government control of our lives and free markets. They are driven by some utopian vision; we are driven by what is right and responsible and what works. Continue reading