Oct. 3, 2009 Longmont foreclosure report

Well, turns out whoever publishes foreclosures was just on vacation last week.  Foreclosures came storming back this week with 24 new filings!  I figured it was too good to be true. 

With unemployment creeping up again for September, and the “actual” unemployment figure around 17% (defined in this Washington Post story as The unofficial number starts with the official rate and then adds in everyone else who should be working full time but is not, including those whose hours have been reduced from full time to part time, those who have become so discouraged they have given up looking for work and others who are “marginally attached to the labor force.” Many economists believe this rate is a truer measure of the health of the economy – it’s no wonder there is no end in sight for foreclosures. 

Funny, I thought the mindless brigade on council (Benker, McCoy) said it was mostly bloggers’ fault.  Enjoying that Hope and Change?

Here is this weeks map:

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Blue= 4/11/09 16 new entries (41 total)
Red= 4/18/09 20 new entries (55 total)
Green= 4/25/09 8 new entries (47 total)
Yellow= 5/2/09 9 new entries (48 total)
Purple-5/9/09 13 new entries (62 total)
Magenta-5/16/09 9 new entries (56 total)
Blue(pin)-5/23/09 16 new entries (52 total)
Red(pin)-5/30/09 15 new entries (62 total)
Green(pin)-6/6/09 9 new entries (63 total)
Yellow(pin)-6/13/09 9 new entries (57 total)
Purple(pin)-6/20/09 14 new entries (62 total)
Magenta(pin)-6/27/09 13 new entries (55 total)
Blue=7/4/09 10 new entries (53 total)
Red=7/11/09 17 new entries (61 total)
Green=7/18/09 12 new entries (59 total)
Yellow=7/25/09 10 new entries (61 total)
Purple=8/1/09 15 new entries (63 total)
Magenta=8/8/09 6 new entries (59 total)
Blue(pin)=8/15/09 16 new entries (58 total)
Red(pin)=8/22/09 14 new entries (61 total)
Green(pin)=8/29/09 11 new entries (60 total)
Yellow(pin)=9/5/09 18 new entries (65 total)
Purple(pin)=9/12/09 12 new entries (69 total)
Magenta(pin)=9/19/09 27 new entries (81 total)
9/26/09 0 new entries (65 total)
Blue(pushpin)=10/3/09 24 new entries (76 total)

Breakdown by Ward since I started keeping track (4/11/09)
Ward 1=143 (Councilmember: Brian Hansen)
Ward 2=111 (Councilmember: Karen Benker) (up for re-election)
Ward 3=74 (Councilmember: Sean McCoy)

September 26, 2009 Longmont foreclosure report

There were no new foreclosures reported this week!

But something strange about the Times-Call Legal Notices section was that there were no new foreclosures for any city in Boulder County.  Even on slow weeks for Longmont, there were always plenty of other reported foreclosures for Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Nederland, Superior, or Erie.  But there was zero, nada, zip.  Either someone’s taking the week off, which might explain last weeks record numbers, or they didn’t want to have three sections of the paper just for foreclosures.

There still were 65 foreclosures reported for Longmont alone, and it took up about 16 pages.  I guess we’ll find out next week.

Do-gooders who do no good

While posting over at Longmont Foreclosures I thought this weeks entry was relevant to the upcoming election.  Not only do we have a councilmember (Karen Benker – and she’s not alone) who wears her “helping the homeless” badge a little too prominently, and the possibly unethical political influence with the whole HOPE situation, but also a candidate (Kaye Fissinger) who benefited from the affordable housing program under Ms. Benkers watch.

It’s no wonder the whole concept of public financing of campaigns was brought up, why not?  You’ve subsidized at least one candidate already (via a house), how much more would it cost to buy someones signs and advertisements?  A pittance by comparison.  Did you also know some of those subsidized homes have been foreclosed on?  Pay in the beginning, and again at the end – what a deal!  How much better can it get?

(remainder from Longmont Foreclosures August 29 report)
Ward 2 (Karen Benker‘s ward) had double the other two wards combined in new foreclosures this week..  There were 11 new foreclosures reported in Longmont this week, with a total of 60 in the paper.  Ward 2 is not far behind the leader (Ward 1) in foreclosures, and will soon top 100 since this site began in April.

Councilmembers (especially Ward 2’s Karen Benker) continually try to get more people into homes they probably can’t afford.  These public do-gooders do anything but good for these peoples pride, which is probably permanently damaged by getting into a home (or car, see Cash For Clunkers) they never would be able to make payments on consistently, and the subsequent humiliation of default.  To those people, I say these government types who you think are your friend, giving you subsidies that they can later brag about and campaign on, only exacerbate and continue the cycle of poverty for most of the people they encounter.

Helping people in off the street and out of the cold is one thing.  Exploiting people for personal gain, and putting them in a potentially financially destructive situation is another. Just a setup for failure – the more people that figure it out the better.  And sooner rather than later.