Progressive policy failures have made Longmont less affordable

It’s a good time to be selling your home in Longmont.  It’s not such a good time to be a buyer unless money is not an issue.  Thanks to progressive policies in the past, homes are less affordable for those that need affordable housing.  Even though this entry is titled “Progressive policy failures…”, it’s actually working as intended. Continue reading

Longmont Airport’s future more secure with recent developments

With the unanimous approval by Longmont City Council of the new FBO (Fixed Based Operator) at Vance Brand Airport, the future of the airport becomes that much more secure, probably to the chagrin of those that have endlessly tried to undermine the airport for the last 20 years.   Continue reading

LP006:Fracking making citizens angry, and State Senator morphs into a flying toaster

On this weeks Longmont Politics, we started with fracking and how some people were unhappy with the 7-0 vote by city council to NOT extend the moratorium.  Recently retired City Manager Gordon Pedrow has become more vocal since retiring and citizens are letting everyone know how they feel about him.  Times-Call letters in response to other letters.  And finally, the bizarre YouTube sensation that claims Colorado State Senator Brandon Shaffer is a flying toaster and recently took on Godzilla in a fight to the death.

Colorado Peak Politics:  Brandon Shaffer has a YouTube problem
Colorado Peak Politics: BRANDON SHAFFER VS GODZILLA: Latest Installment Of Viral Video Series Appears Online

Longmont Examiner: Longmont Family launches radio station

Join Chris Rodriguez and his guests as they talk about the topics of the day. While the show will lean towards Longmont, Colorado with emphasis on politics, there’s no limit to where the show might go and may apply to your hometown. Leave a voicemail which we may use on-air at (720)924-1080

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So now the LifeBridge boogeyman is a drainage culvert?

Of all the disingenuous arguments we’ve heard against the Union project from the anti-LifeBridge hatemonger crowd, the latest ruckus over the Spring Gulch #2 drainage improvements truly takes the cake.

Despite character assassinations and charges of corruption from the likes of Jeff Thompson, Longmont City Manager Gordon Pedrow made the project justification perfectly clear a month ago at city council chambers, as seen in this YouTube video…

Pedrow underscored the facts that 1) the Spring Gulch drainage project conveys water from the northeast portion of the city of Longmont; 2) it protects Hwy 119 from potential 50-100yr flood damage; 3) it serves Longmont’s Sandstone Ranch and the St. Vrain Greenway extension, including the Hwy 119 box culvert to be used by pedestrians and bicyclists; and 4) it was approved by voters in 2007 with bonds already sold.

Anti-Union activists bring up the wayward strawman that the Spring Gulch #2 bonds when fully retired will cost every Longmont resident about $115 in taxpayer dollars, all to benefit LifeBridge and Firestone. If they want to play that game, how about the bloated $66.6 million that Boulder County will be spending on frivolous open space in 2009? That equates to over $225 for every one of Boulder County’s 294,000 residents, just for one year.

An unknown Times-Call online commenter put it succinctly last year when addressing the anti-LifeBridge faction in Longmont: “You just don’t want the Church or it’s message to grow. I have heard you all speak. I have heard those words before. The scary part is what I see in your eyes. You and your friends remind me of the hatred I saw 40 years ago. Give it a rest, the folks at LBCC are good people.”

For city, airport safety falls somewhere behind prairie dogs

I received the following letter from Longmont airport pilot Doedo Schipper and think it’s important enough to spread around. As many of you know, I have defended the airport in the past against city officials who didn’t have its best interests at heart and screwball neighbors who’d rather it close, destroy its businesses or worse.

An ongoing problem at the airport are prairie dogs. Forget about the politics of it that we hear endlessly at City Council meetings, and look at the safety aspect of it. As you’ll see in this letter, and other places in the past, the proximity of prairie dogs, or any wildlife for that matter, to runways and airplanes is a dangerous mix. Continue reading