Zero Waste Dreaming

The Boulder County Zero Waste Action Plan will again be discussed at Longmont City Council tonight, although no decision is required for Longmont’s participation until late this year or more likely in 2012.

Fortunately, the four common sense (i.e., non-liberal) members of council have already expressed concern over the prohibitive cost and possible involuntary nature of the more heavy-handed aspects of BoCo’s plan.

For starters, the term “zero waste” is absurd in itself. Everybody knows that human society produces some degree of waste. Even the enviros admit that zero waste is an impossibility, so why even use the term? It’s the typical extreme mentality that we see so often from the green community, especially Boulder County. Continue reading

Green Police ad rings locally

Any politically aware Boulder County resident could immediately relate to our own plague of enviro-Nazis when viewing Audi’s clever Super Bowl TV commercial Sunday…  (video is now set as private)
Look and sound familiar? How about the Boulder County commissioners and their Draconian land use policies? Or Czar Ron Stewart and his overbearing open space department? You know, the 95,000 acres, $200 million bond debt, and three running open space sales taxes for decades to come? Continue reading