Home stretch of Longmont 2011 Election: Turnout and projections

Predicting voter turnout is never an easy task, especially in off (or odd) year elections like this years.  Predicting actual winners is equally difficult as it all boils down to who gets out the vote and who doesn’t.  I’ll try to make a stab at these with educated guesses based on past history and trends. Continue reading

Home stretch of Longmont 2011 Election: The money game

With just a couple of days left to get votes in, there are some races that can already be called.  Of course, I’m talking about the money race, as of the 3rd Reporting Period for candidates.  People can argue about the importance, or lack thereof, of contributions, but the candidates who raised and spent the most in 2009 won. Continue reading

Sarah Levison should not be retained to Longmont City Council

I’ve noticed a lot of readers have been finding my blog through searches for candidates in the At-Large race.  I think voters are torn and are trying to find reasons to vote for someone, or against someone.  Personally I think this race will be the closest of all of the council races, and still too close too call.  But I can think of a few reasons, and one in particular, to not vote for incumbent Sarah Levison. Continue reading

Longmont City Council At-Large: Heath Carroll

(The following was submitted by candidate for Longmont City Council At-Large position Heath Carroll and appeared in the 10/22/11 Times-Call)

New business brings more jobs

At the beginning of Longmont City Council meetings, people are asked what they love about Longmont. I love Longmont because of its natural beauty perfectly situated along the Front Range, with its open spaces and remarkable parks. Longmont is where I am raising my two wonderful children, Loralei and Landon, and where my girlfriend, Carlyne, and I, like many of you, plan to call home for years to come. Continue reading

Left wing attack site compares council candidate statement to shooting range

Longmont funeral home director, business owner and registered Democrat Heath Carroll declared his candidacy for city council this week.

This reaction on Twitter from @freerangelongmt caught my eye:
“Oh yes, we need a Chuck E Cheese in Longmont: tinyurl.com/CheesyBangers – then we’d have two shooting ranges.” Continue reading