Apply pandering liberally to affected area

Every so often, our liberal/progressive friends accidentally state their true intentions with their supposed love of “diversity” and “inclusiveness”.  What they say is: “There’s a lot of those Hispanics and whoever corals them and their votes will win every election”, in so many words.  It’s a national as well as local phenomenon, including right here in Longmont, as the Hispanic/Latino demographic is a force to consider in politics. Continue reading

Progressive’s Hispanic litmus test

(this post sat as it appears below, unfinished, for 3 years…yet still remains relevant after our most recent election season)

The politics of race in Longmont, there’s a potentially hot potato.

Recently, on a KGNU radio show, a Longmont resident made some comments about racial inclusiveness, specifically regarding Hispanics.  For the record, I guess I would fall into that group, but dislike that term as well as Latino.  Overall though it’s a big improvement over Chicano, which was the term the news media used for my cousins family when they had then President Jimmy Carter spend the night at their house in the late ‘70’s. Continue reading