Spare me the DREAM Act at City Council

How many times does Longmont City Council have to be pestered toward giving a blessing to laws that would provide in-state college tuition access for illegal aliens? Basically, we’re talking provisions of the current DREAM Act, although you’ll never hear the word “illegal” uttered by the relentless proponents.

It all started back in early 2009 when local race activist Bob Norris made impassioned pleas before Council to endorse Colorado Senate Bill 170. It was a bill (in violation of federal law) that would have provided in-state tuition rates to Colorado high school graduates regardless of immigration status Continue reading

Bombthrowing Anarchists

Messrs. Kennedy, McCain, Bush, and Salazar, you say you want to bring some people ” out of the shadows“. I ask that you take some of that advice yourself and conduct this important business in the ” sunshine” of the publics view and scrutiny. Stop trying to ram down our throats this backroom legislation. Huge changes to the future of our country usually go through some kind of hearing process and public debate. If this plan is so great and you’re so proud of it, let’s see how it stands up to that.

As far as our own Senator Salazar calling opponents of this immigration bill ” bomb-throwers“, since he apparently has such low regard for the peoples right to be involved in the legislative process, and the rule of law, I guess he should be rightly called an ” anarchist“.

Wise up, above mentioned leaders. We won’t forget come Election Day, no matter what party you claim to be part of.
Figures, the shortest letter I’ve ever sent to the Times-Call, and they don’t run it.