Brandon Shaffer’s Electoral College deception

The following was pulled from the old Wrongmont site and appears to be written around 2007.  Unfortunately, most if not all of the hyperlinks are broken as those sites either don’t exist anymore, or the articles were just removed.  But the information is still relevant and helps give full context and perspective on one of the more disturbing activities of State Senator Brandon Shaffer (Dem-Longmont).  Now he wants to be the U.S. Congressman for Longmont. Continue reading

Don’t extend Pommer & Obama failures with Deb Gardner

Boulder, and Longmont has experienced enough failure at the hands of outgoing and term-limited House Representative Jack Pommer and the Democratic Party agenda.  One of the party’s biggest boosters, Boulder County Democratic Party Chair Deb Gardner, wants to fill Mr. Pommer’s seat in State House District 11.  To do this would be more of the same failure this state and country has experienced in the last two years under almost complete Democrat rule. Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Jack Pommer’s lack of understanding

(Guest editorial from Bonnie Finley)

When speaking about increasing taxes on business on Feb.16, Rep. Jack Pommer stated, “Business does not care about Colorado.” I bet IBM, Roche, Seagate, Amgen and other businesses in Boulder County would disagree. They have all invested significantly in his district, providing jobs and tax base for many years. And who does he think provides the money he is busy spending? Sorry Representative, we can’t all work for the government. As a matter of fact, 84% of us work for private businesses.

His comment shows a complete lack of understanding and appreciation for the companies that have afforded the citizens of Boulder County jobs and such a beautiful place to live. These companies don’t stay in Colorado because it is a “business friendly” state. I understand that the legislature has to balance the budget. But demeaning the people, who ultimately provide the State with income, and its citizens with jobs, seems extremely insolent and disrespectful.

Pommer as sharp as they come?

I rarely comment on, and even rarely write a post about, Open Forum letters in the Times-Call.  But there was one statement made in the Saturday February 20, 2010 Open Forum that was just too much of a hanging slider to pass up on.

A Matthew P. Brandt of Longmont was taking local education advocate Brad Jolly to task for comments he recently made about the St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD).  I followed the original issue very minimally but have found that usually Mr. Jolly is right on the money and has almost been prophetic when it comes to the SVVSD and their missteps.  Like myself, he has a way of polarizing opinions of citizens and takes his fair share of shots because of it, I can respect that. Continue reading

Unethical Shaffer endorses unethical Benker

Color me skeptical, but I found the endorsement of Longmont City Council member Karen Benker by Colorado State Senator Brandon Shaffer fairly ironic – and pretty pointless.  Make no mistake, this was tactical as Mr. Shaffer ran against Ms. Benker’s opponent Katie Witt for State Senate last year.  People can point out that Mr. Shaffer beat Ms. Witt, but he isn’t on the ballot this year.  His brand, along with Ms. Benker’s and the entire Democratic Party has sunk at such a pace in the last year that even surprises me.

But back to the irony:  As I’ve written in many other places, Ms. Benker has a problem with transparency in regards to Colorado’s Sunshine Laws.  Well, you know what they say about birds of a feather (they tend to flock together, in case you didn’t know).  Mr. Shaffer was recently in the news over some of his own transparency problems.
Funny how when elected officials are term limited, they feel free to go hog wild and disregard laws and ethics.  Basically, an endorsement by Brandon Shaffer isn’t worth the newspaper it’s printed on.
Maybe Ms. Benker could have gotten an endorsement from State Representative John “Jack” Pommer.  Then again maybe not:

Oh well, nevermind, another term limited Democrat who can’t follow the law.  Are there any honest ones at all?