The Longmont Years: 2009-2011 Breaking the Bloc

In this installment, we pick up in early 2009 after apparent local political burnout – or so I thought.  The previous two years were hectic, to say the least.  Output increased in quantity and quality, both in the written and spoken word.  By the end of ’08 I had gone back to one of my first loves: aviation.  But staying away from local politics was apparently not in the cards. Continue reading

Longmont Airport’s future more secure with recent developments

With the unanimous approval by Longmont City Council of the new FBO (Fixed Based Operator) at Vance Brand Airport, the future of the airport becomes that much more secure, probably to the chagrin of those that have endlessly tried to undermine the airport for the last 20 years.   Continue reading

Longmont’s Liberal/Progressive Thugocracy

The following was sent to the Times-Call for publication, they refused to run it for reasons unknown at the time of this posting. I ran the subject matter by a few random people, all were outraged and asked why they hadn’t heard about it. I wasn’t going to write about it as it’s old news to me, but apparently unknown by most. I assume the Times-Call isn’t running it because of the subject matter, but they’ve been running some pretty screwy Open Forum letters lately, so that can’t totally be it. I also assume this is something plenty of people in Longmont, while disturbed by it, would find interesting – dare I say newsworthy. Continue reading

Longmont fracking ban won’t be free

The following appeared in the October 23, 2012 Times-Call.  It was written by four Longmont City Councilmembers speaking for themselves as private citizens.  They raise some good questions, questions I’d like OHOFOL and Food & Water Watch to answer, publicly.   -CRod

The problem with ballot issues is all too often they are narrowly drafted, poorly researched and leave a boatload of unintended consequences.

The problem is compounded when ballot measures are placed in the city charter, rather than in ordinance, because once the unintended consequences are realized they can only be fixed or repaired through successive elections rather than council action. City Council can amend an ordinance; only voters can change something in the charter.

Best example of ignorant editorials

Boulder Weekly’s pick for dirty politics by Katie Witt’s supporters

In the ongoing need for Boulder to assert its unquestionable dominance over its neighbor to the northeast (for you in Boulder, that would be Longmont), the staff of the Boulder Weekly has selected as their Best example of dirty politics” Katie Witt’s supporters.  In a cute, snarky, and mostly factually challenged diatribe, it decried the fact that the person they preferred to win the Longmont City Council race, Karen Benker, got hammered by (now Longmont City Council member) Ms. Witt. Continue reading

2009: What a year!

2009 was quite an eventful year for the City of Longmont, regardless of where you stand on the issues.  Obviously, it was better for some than others.  Personally, it was pretty busy but overall pretty satisfying, too.

So lets go through it, month by month: Continue reading

Strange days indeed

After being involved with the Vance Brand Airport and attending Airport Advisory Board meetings for years, figured it was time to finally apply for this board and serve the community.  Despite some pretty shady and underhanded maneuvers by some council members, your humble editor/publisher received a majority of votes to become a regular member for 3 years.  Also, Council member Katie Witt has replaced Sean McCoy as council liaison.  Now there’s some change we can believe in!

Longmont never leaned left

(The following guest opinion appeared in the November 24, 2009 Longmont Times-Call)

One of my more favorite hobbies is to collect data, sift through and crunch the numbers, and then try to make some sense out of it or look at it in a slightly different way.  I’m a political junkie, especially when it comes to elections, so I’d like to put to rest this falsehood that keeps floating around town. Continue reading

Benker pulls a Musgrave

If there was one thing I may have agreed with the leftwing loons in town about, it was that when former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave lost to Betsy Markey, she should have at least conceded defeat and congratulated Ms. Markey.  Well, seems history has repeated – although in a different venue.  Not only hasn’t Karen Benker conceded victory to Katie Witt, or congratulated her, but she also skipped out on a Town Meeting on Saturday that was previously scheduled.  Outgoing Mayor Roger Lange kept this engagement, along with the opening of the Greenway later in the day.
Here’s sampling of one of the news articles about Marilyn Musgrave from The Colorado (Not So) Independent – and adapted for our particular situation.

Not only has lame-duck Rep. Marilyn Musgrave Karen Benker still refused to concede to Betsy Markey Katie Witt, but the word is around D.C. Longmont that the Fort Morgan Republican Prospect Democrat has gone into hiding since the 12-point 20-point drubbing that cost the three-term congresswoman 1 and change term councilwoman her seat. “[More] rumors abound that no one has seen or talked to Musgrave Benker since the brutal loss; she’s all but disappeared,” Politico’s Anne Schroeder Mullins reported Tuesday morning Some guy on the street said the other day.

“It’s a campaign matter, and I have no further comment,” Musgrave’s congressional Benker’s council spokesman Joseph Brettell told Politico Some Guy told someone.

The Markey Witt crew, in town for new-lawmaker orientation, hasn’t crossed paths with Musgrave Benkerand the phone still hasn’t jingled. “No, she hasn’t called to concede,” Markey Witt campaign manager Anne Caprara told Politico Joe Mama told Longmont Advocate, “but we’re moving forward.”

Markey Witt shouldn’t feel singled out, though. It appears Musgrave’s Benker’s “ill manners” have a bipartisan spin. “Rumor has it she still — 14 5 days later — hasn’t even thanked her campaign staff,” Mullins someone reported.