CO Secretary of State candidate visits Longmont

Screwballs on parade

Colorado Secretary of State Candidate Scott Gessler paid a visit to Longmont Wednesday night in what turned out to be a very well attended event, including a handful of protesters who Scott personally engaged on the sidewalk where they gathered.  (Full disclosure, Scott is a friend and was our attorney in our successful First Amendment lawsuit against the City of Longmont).  Some of the signs were a little confusing, yet humorous.  One said “Gessler sued Longmont“, well, actually a bunch of plaintiffs sued and he was the attorney, which was in a few papers several times – not exactly unknown information. Continue reading

Imitation sincerest form of flattery

When your brand is down and people think your concepts are disconnected from rational people (and reality), what’s one to do?  Copy others that are successful of course!

And so it goes in Longmont with a new site and strategy every so often.  Regular readers of this site have seen the change to a look that is more like a newspaper, what a coincidence that a new site in town has picked a similar one!  I’ve had regular contributors that are often in the Times-Call, not some nobody hacks that no one knows or cares about, another coincidence as this new site has decided to copy that as well!  (The contributor part, they still are nobody hacks that no one cares about) Continue reading

DF please contact me

The mental patients in town can be so predictable.

I figured it was just a matter of time before some would hint that I was someone other than who I am, AGAIN.

First I was Longmont ReportFALSE
I’m sure they thought I was Front Range ChickensFALSE
There’s probably other accusations I’ve forgotten by now, but they were FALSE, too.
Now it’s a poster on the Times-Call website named “DF” – FALSE Continue reading

Required occasional housekeeping

Like I’ve said before, with every word you’re either preaching to the choir or ticking off those that never agree with you.  Luckily that first group are the normal, decent people in the city and I’ve met a lot of them.  The latter group most of you don’t know and wouldn’t want to associate with.  From time to time, but not very often, I decide to deal with these cockroaches in one form or another.  (Fans of the site may get bored, my feelings won’t be hurt if you stop reading here) Continue reading

2009: What a year!

2009 was quite an eventful year for the City of Longmont, regardless of where you stand on the issues.  Obviously, it was better for some than others.  Personally, it was pretty busy but overall pretty satisfying, too.

So lets go through it, month by month: Continue reading

They just can’t help themselves

The amount of wine (the stuff you drink, not “whine”) from all of the sour grapes out there over the last election must be stacking up in cellars.  At every turn the losers (in more ways than one) of the recent Longmont municipal election are lashing out and just don’t know when to give up.  The latest example was on a KGNU radio show (listen at this link) with the dubious and corny title “Whither Longmont? on the Right Swing“. Continue reading

Irrelevant candidate shares irrelevant screechings

In the Sunday November 8, 2009 Longmont Ledger, sore loser candidate Kaye Fissinger went back to the usual ranting and raving Longmont is so accustomed to – and probably the reason they relegated her to the political basement when they decided who to vote for.  Her latest screed is about the farthest you could possibly go in trying to make this connection and that connection, and the obvious paranoia probably warrants a new nickname:  Backyard Chicken Little.

In her tirade you’ll see lots of names and organizations you’ve never heard of, but she works real hard to try to define who the “bad guy” is.  Essentially she’s saying the voters of Longmont are too stupid for their own good and have been fooled by these outside groups.  All the web surfing and phone calls to like minded left wing loons must have been pretty time consuming – to basically end up with nothing of any great interest.  Except sour grapes.  That’s too bad.
But she leaves out some pertinent information as she weaves this tale of “outside money“, specifically the kind that helped her Left wing Liberal/Progressive causes.  When it comes to big money in politics, let us never forget the over half billion raised and spent for Barack Obama.  But lets get more local, how about the “Colorado Model“, here’s an excerpt from The Weekly Standard article by Fred Barnes: “They’d been brought together by Al Yates, the former president of Colorado State University, and later were dubbed the “Gang of Four” by the press–or, sarcastically, by Republicans, the “Fab Four.” Two of the four, Tim Gill and Rutt Bridges, made millions in computer software. Jared Polis, along with his parents, grew rich from building and selling Internet companies. The fourth, Pat Stryker, is heir to a medical products fortune and runs her family’s foundation.”
With that big money they rolled out the following programs and websites (one of which Ms. Fissinger uses as source material, surprise surprise) ProgressNow, Colorado Ethics Watch, Colorado Independent, ColoradoPols, SquareState, and Colorado Media Matters.  But I’m sure they are all legitimate and full of sweetness and light and above all reproach.  It’s only those nasty right wing sites and organizations that should be questioned.
Then Ms. Fissinger (now being called “The Finger” after saying she’d like to “flip off” eventual Mayoral race victor Bryan Baum at a forum in front of high schoolers) brings up the money Montana-based Western Tradition Partnership (WTP) and Longmont Leadership Committee spent on the election.  She says WTP, an evil 501(c)4, contributed $10,000.  Yet she fails to mention another 501(c)4, Virginia-based Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, who contributed $1.6 million to defeat former congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave.  Last I checked Virginia is a lot farther from Colorado than Montana, and WTP has a Denver office as well.
From the Ft. Collins Coloradoan:  “According to the Federal Election Commission, the 527 and 501(c)4 group Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund spent $1.6 million to unseat incumbent Colorado Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R), who lost her bid for a fourth term on Nov. 4. The group targeted Musgrave, even though she did not sit on a single prominent committee dealing with environmental issues. It was the second-largest independent expenditure by a non-party group in any 2008 House race.”
The hypocrisy and double standards of the Left wing Lunatic Fringe doesn’t even cause them to bat an eye as they just keep spinning one story after another.  Ms. Fissinger is in denial and counterattack mode now that the voters of Longmont, in big numbers, completely rejected her platform and those of Karen Benker, and Bill Van Dusen.  What’s even sadder for Ms. Fissinger is that almost 600 voters who voted for Van Dusen, couldn’t bring themselves to vote for her, instead throwing votes to Ed Dloughy, Gabe Santos, or Alex Sammoury.
Ironic that Gabe Santos of all people should take some of her votes after her endless, and continued bringing up of Tom DeLayHINT:  It doesn’t seem to be working “Finger”, but most of your ideas and propaganda don’t resonate with normal people anyway.  Isn’t it about time you went after a church and attacked its members?  The people have spoken (at least that’s what we hear when their side wins), and they apparently know a loser (or pack of them) when they see one.
Some big outside money opposition didn’t unseat Karen Benker or block Kaye Fissinger and Bill Van Dusen from getting onto City Council.  They can whine and complain about why they were pummeled by the voters, but to keep it simple remember this quote from pro-football head coach Bill Parcels, “You are what your record says you are.”  ‘Nuf said.
I sent a trimmed down version of the above as an Editorial Reply to the Longmont Ledger, but included something that should have been part of the original story:

As Ms. Fissinger spins her tale of how she was targeted unfairly, and mentions me by name, she forgets to mention something else she did during the campaign:  In tandem with now former Longmont City Councilmember Karen Benker, Ms. Fissinger did a little snooping of private residences and political opponent’s workplaces.  Namely, me.  I work at a high security Federal facility, and she named it in her email exchanges with Ms. Benker.  This is how they operate: if you can’t win fairly, win dirty.  Of course, neither of them won anything in the election.