The Longmont Years: 2007-2008 YourHub, LifeBridge, The Bloc, Longmont Advocate, Vote!Longmont, and podcasting

In the previous post, I talked about how we came to end up in Longmont and the beginnings of my (and our, including my wife) various activities there, specifically in the political arena.  This next section only covers 2 years, but insanely busy and active years they were, read on… Continue reading

Sean McCoy’s continuous assault on religion

Longmont City Councilmember Sean McCoy, either directly or through his loyal mouthpieces, has been on a 4 year tirade against certain religious institutions.  In the following video, and as reported at Longmont Advocate, Sean McCoy makes some veiled insults towards LifeBridge Christian Church in the discussion about a different church that was applying for some improvements: Continue reading

Longmont gives up HeavenFest for Lent

It was reported today in the Times-Call (through sister publication Loveland Reporter-Herald) that “county staff were quick to jump at the opportunity to work with HeavenFest organizers…”  You didn’t think that was the ever religion-unfriendly Boulder County did you?  Or their elected and non-elected religious/political hit squad here in Longmont?  Nope, that’s Larimer County and the City of Loveland. Continue reading

Failed councilmember crawls out from under hole

Ya know, I was just going to let the creative rewriting of history last week in the Times-Call Open Forum go.  But now this nonsense has spread to the Denver Post and the Longmont Ledger.  In some kind of feeble attempt to rehabilitate a destroyed public image (and for good reason), former Longmont City Councilmember Karen Benker has found time to comment on two of her monumental failures – and the main reasons why she was trounced in last Novembers election by Katie Witt.  Speaking of which, she still hasn’t conceded or congratulated the victor of that race.  An opponent she laughed at and her clueless compadre Sean McCoy called a “city council wannabe“.  Better than a “city council hasbeen” I guess. Continue reading

Losers just can’t stop losing

Talk about a losing streak!  A Times-Call Open Forum letter from recent City Council loser Karen Benker and some comments in the always entertaining comment section at the TC online website got me to thinking.  Fellow LA contributor Dave Larison and I have been throwing back and forth the growing list of failures and defeat of the Longmont leftwing losers – sort of like how a pair of cats toss around a dead or dying mouse.   Continue reading