Longmont’s Liberal/Progressive Thugocracy

The following was sent to the Times-Call for publication, they refused to run it for reasons unknown at the time of this posting. I ran the subject matter by a few random people, all were outraged and asked why they hadn’t heard about it. I wasn’t going to write about it as it’s old news to me, but apparently unknown by most. I assume the Times-Call isn’t running it because of the subject matter, but they’ve been running some pretty screwy Open Forum letters lately, so that can’t totally be it. I also assume this is something plenty of people in Longmont, while disturbed by it, would find interesting – dare I say newsworthy. Continue reading

Political attacks not forgotten

I read with amusement in the Times-Call, and saw on TV during a recent council meeting, the musings of Longmont Area Democrat (LAD) President and Vice-President John & Judy Bigger in regards to the outcome of Longmont’s election.  Maybe they’re not aware that when Mayor Dennis Coombs denounced certain campaign activity that he was, in all reality, talking about them and their cohorts. Continue reading

Dennis Coombs’ denouncements fall on deaf ears

In the October 26, 2011 Times-Call mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs tried to distance himself from the smear and hateful campaign his supporters are carrying out on behalf and to the benefit of his mayoral run.  He also said he’d run a “clean and positive” campaign, which is a little hard to believe considering the repeated shots he’s taken at his opponent, current Mayor Bryan Baum. Continue reading

Community comes before party in local elections

(As printed in the 10/13/11 Times Call Opinion Section)

Re-elect Mayor Baum; challenger not ready to lead

I usually don’t pay attention to local political party affiliation. Until Election Eve 2009, when a former Longmont Area Democrat president created a blog titled Common Ground. In it, he wrote that regardless of his own partisan bias that “community comes before party affiliation.” Continue reading

Campaign Sign Warfare: 2011 Edition

In the October 7, 2011 Times-Call it was reported that people are going around stealing campaign signs from certain candidates.  Regular readers of this blog or its predecessor will know this is nothing new.  And once again it’s coming from one side – our local liberal/progressives. Continue reading

Slander as a campaign tool

It appears that some of the left-wing of Longmont will go to any lengths to help get their candidates elected.  Recently, it turns out that a volunteer for the Dennis Coombs campaign (running for Mayor against incumbent Bryan Baum) has resorted to not only telling lies about Mr. Coombs’ opposition, but slanderous ones at that.  When asked about it, Mr. Coombs apparently was aware of it.  The question is, what is he going to do about it? Continue reading

Candidates should skip Sep. 7 partisan forum

Elections for Longmont City Council positions are non-partisan.  Longmont Area Democrats and their “Progressive Center” are anything but non-partisan.  They are holding a candidate forum on Wednesday September 7th – any serious candidate, regardless of party, should avoid attending this event on principle alone, if nothing else. Continue reading