Mayor issues Proclamation designating March 8-14th, 2009 as Girl Scout Week

At last night’s Longmont City Council meeting, Longmont Mayor Roger Lange issued a proclamation designating this week to be “Girl Scout Week” in Longmont, CO. After he met the local girl scout contingent that was present for the award proclamation, Councilwoman Mary Blue asked that anyone in attendance at the council meeting who was ever a Girl Scout in their lifetime to please stand and be recognized…

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Eat More Chicken…if city council will let you!

In the final yeah-right installment of “As the Chicken Lays” we find Longmont City Council last night approving… wait for it, wait for it… a measly fifty permits for backyard chickens. After wasting time on this matter for almost a year.

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City Council Watch: Public speakers berate council and invoke ‘The Big Lie’

If you aren’t familiar with the war room goings-on at the Longmont City Council meetings and live in the City of Longmont, perhaps you should start watching now…

State capitol rally against generational theft

Since most of you probably had to work on Tuesday, or have what I like to call a “life”, you probably missed the rally held at the State Capitol over the so-called stimulus package. Aka Porkulis, AKA Generational Theft Act, or whatever you prefer to call it.

I had the day off and had to be in the area anyway, so I went down there – along with another contributor to this site, much to our mutual surprise. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, thought you might like to know what this observer saw.

Traffic and parking was tough, so I got there a little late and right about when I thought it was going to start, it was over. It was a pretty decent sized crowd for the middle of a weekday. There were plenty of speakers, but each only spoke a very short period of time, and the wind was a serious factor in trying to hear the speakers. I’m not sure if there were limitations on the time they had at that location, whether a permit was required, etc. Either way, I was surprised how quickly it ended.

But most of the fun occurred after the event was technically over. Lots of people stayed, milled around, and talked to each other. They had a real live pig, and also a roasted one. I thought the latter was fake, a prop, but it was real alright, and sure smelled good.

There were various factions representing all kinds of views, from parents concerned about their kids future, to 9/11 Truthers, and a small scattering of Obamacons. This one guy, who was wearing a soon to be copyright infringed t-shirt, just wasn’t getting the attention he demanded. So he just yelled louder, to no one in particular. I got closer to see what was going on and saw someone trying to engage him, and witnessed pretty much what I expected: certain types yell questions and platitudes, even if you’re trying to actually have a dialogue with them. This guy would make some idiotic assertion; the person talking to him would answer, or try to, but without even listening to the response this clown was on to another talking point.

Like most sane people, they got sick of him and just walked away laughing and shaking their heads. So what did this guy resort to? Apparently he had nothing left in his bag of wits other than a crack on the other guys’ hair, or lack thereof. Yep, that’s it, pretty sad. Then another speaker would flare up with some loud speech, people would look, or maybe gather around, then it would be over. The television stations and news agencies were all there, but I didn’t see any of them cover the activities following the rally.

I saw people talking to elected representatives about issues that concern them, and not all were of one particular political persuasion either. I got to meet a couple of these State Senators (Renfroe and Mitchell), and apologized for mine (Shaffer). I also got to meet Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute and radio/TV fame, but forgot to thank him for allowing me to use some audio from his TV show for my podcast (the ReCreate ’68 piece – Thanks!).

I also met syndicated columnist and FoxNews regular Michelle Malkin. I was standing near the Capitol steps and people were handing me their phones/cameras for me to take a picture of them with her. I was glad to do it, and then I got a picture of me taken with her (thanks for emailing it!). Never the shy one, I wanted to crack a joke for the picture, so I promised her I wouldn’t “Alex Jones” her. (He chased her around at the DNC in Denver like a wailing, well, pig). I then took a self-guided tour of the Capitol building, very impressive.

Some thoughts on the event: Some of the speakers were a little too partisan and this isn’t really a left/right, conservative/liberal, or Republican/Democrat issue. I was glad to see some speakers, most notably Mr. Caldara make that point. Your kids and mine, and theirs yet to be born, will be saddled by this for decades and some of those labels and parties may just be a memory by then. But this insanely large bill (and the one before it and the ones sure to follow) won’t be a memory; it’ll be their reality – as sad as it may be.

I’m not much of a rally attendee or marcher. I do my talking either here, on a podcast, at/to city council, or in the newspaper. I went to this event to say I was there on the day when my President signed away my future family members hopes of a life as good as mine and those before me. For you other parents (regardless of affiliation) who are equally concerned, even though I wasn’t one of the ones yelling in the crowd, I was there for you, too.

Does that mean I have a better answer or alternative? No. But at least I would hope my representatives (this includes you Congresswoman Markey, and Senators Udall and Bennet) would do us the favor of actually reading a bill of this magnitude before signing it. These three clearly did not do that and I consider this a dereliction of their duty. This proves they are just rubber-stamping political hacks. Thanks for nothing. No, thanks for worse than nothing.

You always hope your kids will do better than yourself, sort of improve on the current model. Now those hopes have been handcuffed. And while I can’t understand how some people are thrilled that the government is handing out billions (trillions with interest) and think it’s free money. It’s not free, it has to be paid back, or they’ll just put the money printing press on hyperdrive followed by hyperinflation. Either way, it’s tying future generations’ hands behind their back as they hope to try to strike out on their own.

They’ll likely strike out alright, but not the good kind.

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Locals attend Anti-Pork Roast on Capitol steps

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day in Longmont

Longmont is filled with many places to celebrate Inspire Your Heart with Art Day and also get some ideas for Valentines Day. We have at least forty public art pieces all over town (with more upcoming) as well as ten Art Galleries in our Downtown District.

I’ve written a lot about the music and performing arts in town and these are a few of my favorite visual ones. Many current and former city council members also hold these dear to their hearts and can be found enjoying them as well.

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