Apply pandering liberally to affected area

Every so often, our liberal/progressive friends accidentally state their true intentions with their supposed love of “diversity” and “inclusiveness”.  What they say is: “There’s a lot of those Hispanics and whoever corals them and their votes will win every election”, in so many words.  It’s a national as well as local phenomenon, including right here in Longmont, as the Hispanic/Latino demographic is a force to consider in politics. Continue reading

Mark Levin equates SmartCo closure to failure of Obama to extend Bush tax cuts

When a decision affects a large segment of a neighborhood population, many in that community have a flurry of opinions as to why it happened, especially when the news is unexpected and appears drastic. The recent news that Longmont’s shiny new SmartCo grocery store was closing and retreating from the community (and taking its other four new stores in Colorado with it) has sparked a debate on both a local level and a national one.

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9 reasons to Vote Democrat, or not

Unlike other sites in the area where 90% of their content is borrowed from other sites, I’m going to make an exception and post something that I didn’t write myself.  This comes from best selling author and radio personality Mark Levin, and it’s too good not to share.  For those too lazy to read, a YouTube video of Mark saying it himself follows.   Continue reading

Progressively regressive for Longmont and America

It is important for common-sense citizens to realize that in opposing the Bloc of Four in Longmont we are fighting the greater agenda of the Progressive Movement, the Modern Liberal, the Boulder Mentality–whatever you want to call it.

It seems that every issue with these leftists comes down to extreme environmentalism, fiscal irresponsibility with taxpayer monies, and basic government control of our lives and free markets. They are driven by some utopian vision; we are driven by what is right and responsible and what works. Continue reading