To be fair, shouldn’t our mayor endorse other forms of marriage too?

(Letter submitted to on Feb. 5, 2012.)
        About modern-day Longmont—and I’ve lived in Boulder County for 43 years–it seems that no sooner does one divisive issue such as the proposed LifeBridge annexation fade, than another controversy arises. In this case, the mayor’s action in endorsing same-sex marriages on an advocacy website. Continue reading

Open Letter to Council: Mayors aren’t dictators

(Open letter to Longmont City Council)

While the Times-Call comment section is burning up more than I’ve ever seen before, I hope all of council is paying attention to what’s being said there.  I waited until over 100 comments were made to weigh in, mainly because I’m trying to stick to what I said at council about not repeating others (not that I’ve really had that problem anyway), but there are some excellent points being made.

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