One Step “Forward”, Two Steps Back

Moving Longmont Forward was established for one sole purpose – to remove my husband from office. And by seven-tenths of a percent of the vote, they did. And for that I thank them because our family got to take its first vacation in two years, to Disneyland – a vacation well deserved by all! But, that victory came at a cost, and the cost was truthfulness and integrity in campaigning. Continue reading

Mayor Coombs begins term on wise and positive note

A while back, then candidate Dennis Coombs inquired about a “beer summit” with me before the campaign season really heated up.  Like most of these types of invitations (beer, coffee, lunch, dinner, etc) I receive on a regular basis, I passed as my time is fairly limited – and I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the company he kept.  I finally responded to that email today and wished him well in his tenure as mayor of Longmont.  Based on the events of today, he’s off to a promising start. Continue reading

Leftwing political committee scrambles to “fix” campaign report

Within about 12 hours of this blog’s reporting of Moving Longmont Forward‘s questionable campaign report and $1,500 contribution by big labor organization AFSCME, their registered agent Teresa Lichti had to scramble to the Longmont City Clerk’s office to amend their report.  Although this was reported as a violation of the LFCPA, it appears the presumption of innocence might be overplayed when there should be a question of honesty. Continue reading

Moving Longmont Forward…with big outside political money

Remember all of those people wailing about big, outside money affecting our elections in Longmont?  Well, now they are doing it themselves, but it must be okay since it’s them doing it, right?  Wrong.  The political committee “Moving Longmont Forward” (MLF), which recently sent out a factually and grammatically challenged attack mailer against Mayor Baum, is now the beneficiary of money ($1,500) from mega-union organization AFSCME. Continue reading

Dennis Coombs’ denouncements fall on deaf ears

In the October 26, 2011 Times-Call mayoral candidate Dennis Coombs tried to distance himself from the smear and hateful campaign his supporters are carrying out on behalf and to the benefit of his mayoral run.  He also said he’d run a “clean and positive” campaign, which is a little hard to believe considering the repeated shots he’s taken at his opponent, current Mayor Bryan Baum. Continue reading