Ron Stewart fiddling while BoCo burning

This week’s glaring headlines in the Times-Call say it all…

“64M allotted to buy open space”…”BoCo mulls $30M open space purchase.”

Czar Ron Stewart has crossed into the twilight zone of insanity by his obsession to buy more and more open space at county taxpayers’ expense. Continue reading

BoCo Open Space Dept. running up huge debt

But first: Saving the environment by living where we work. . .
(To meet space limits, a redacted version of this letter appeared in the 3-8-11 edition of the Longmont Times Call.)
Do we really believe in practicing insofar as possible the concept of living in the same community where we work?
I think Longmont is fully capable of determining its own destiny, therefore its civic leaders should not be buying so readily—both financially and philosophically—into *PLAN-Boulder County’s (People’s League for Action Now) anti-growth strategy of strangling our community with open space and irrevocable easements to kill future housing projects that might become necessary to accommodate any realistic increase in economic activity (jobs) around here. Continue reading

PLAN-Boulder County shows its true colors

Guess who’s the keynote speaker at the PLAN-Boulder County annual dinner this week? None other than Van Jones, the past self-described “communist” who resigned his White House Council position in 2009 over a bevy of radical leftist remarks and associations.

It’s really no surprise for PLAN-Boulder County, an original group of tree hugging idealistic liberals from Boulder who for 50 years have hijacked the political and business landscape of the county in the name of green extremism. Continue reading

Open space is the biggest racket in Boulder County

The following guest opinion by Dave Larison appeared in the Longmont Times-Call on Oct. 11, 2010.
Funny how it seems that every talking point from recent letters and opinions supporting a new county open space sales tax comes right out of the open space propaganda handbook.
“If we don’t buy more open space in Boulder County, we’ll invite Los Angeles-type sprawl!
“We’ll have a sea of rooftops from Denver to Ft. Collins!”
“Open lands will be carved up and sold to developers!”
The bogus “protect from development” open space argument simply doesn’t fly. Continue reading

Commissioners reach critical mass on open space

Have the Boulder County Commissioners gone completely mad to even think about a possible sales tax increase for more acquisition of open space properties?

Do you realize such a move would translate into Longmonters paying FIVE different open space sales taxes (four to Boulder County) on every retail purchase in town?

My letter to the commissioners prior to their public hearing on county tax proposals to be held Monday, July 26, 2010… Continue reading