Political attacks not forgotten

I read with amusement in the Times-Call, and saw on TV during a recent council meeting, the musings of Longmont Area Democrat (LAD) President and Vice-President John & Judy Bigger in regards to the outcome of Longmont’s election.  Maybe they’re not aware that when Mayor Dennis Coombs denounced certain campaign activity that he was, in all reality, talking about them and their cohorts. Continue reading

One Step “Forward”, Two Steps Back

Moving Longmont Forward was established for one sole purpose – to remove my husband from office. And by seven-tenths of a percent of the vote, they did. And for that I thank them because our family got to take its first vacation in two years, to Disneyland – a vacation well deserved by all! But, that victory came at a cost, and the cost was truthfulness and integrity in campaigning. Continue reading

Moving Longmont Forward…with attack mailers

It’s good to see the double-standard bearing hypocrites in Longmont still have somewhat of a pulse.  Possibly coming soon to a mailbox near you is an attack mailer aimed at Mayor Bryan Baum by an innocuous sounding political committee called “Moving Longmont Forward” or MLF.  This is a group of liberal/progressives who are obviously a hateful and angry group based on the mailer they sent out. Continue reading