Partisan election-law rewrite a disaster for Colorado


May 12, 2013

By Scott Gessler

Scott Gessler

Following a secret, months-long process and without any input from my office, voters or Republican legislators, Democrats rammed through legislation that fundamentally changes how we run our elections.

Unfortunately, this election-law rewrite will lead to disaster. Continue reading

CO Secy of State Scott Gessler provides teachable moment about salaries of elected officials

Just as I figured (and said), people are wising up to the situation Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler brought to the forefront when he said he’d work a second job.  But as always, there are the wise – and then there are otherwise.  (h/t Mark Levin)

When I help or support a candidate, as I did with Scott Gessler, I pretty much leave them to their own devices once elected and let them do the job they were elected to do.  Like with some council candidates locally, my interaction with those I supported goes to about zero, or close to it, after the election.  The same thing occurred with Scott, who became a friend before I knew he was a candidate, but I haven’t had contact with him since his victory party – and definitely haven’t talked to him about this particular issue.   Continue reading

Buescher proves incompetence as CO Sec of State

Bernie Buescher, current Democrat Colorado Secretary of State, has made a couple of large gaffes in the last couple of days showing his unfitness to serve in his appointed position.  He was appointed, not elected, to his present post by Governer Bill Ritter after losing his bid for Colorado House District 55 – this in the wave election of 2008 that brought Democrats control of state and federal governments. Continue reading

CO Secretary of State candidate visits Longmont

Screwballs on parade

Colorado Secretary of State Candidate Scott Gessler paid a visit to Longmont Wednesday night in what turned out to be a very well attended event, including a handful of protesters who Scott personally engaged on the sidewalk where they gathered.  (Full disclosure, Scott is a friend and was our attorney in our successful First Amendment lawsuit against the City of Longmont).  Some of the signs were a little confusing, yet humorous.  One said “Gessler sued Longmont“, well, actually a bunch of plaintiffs sued and he was the attorney, which was in a few papers several times – not exactly unknown information. Continue reading