Vance Brand Airport doesn’t need an air traffic control tower

Speech made to the Longmont City Council January 20, 2004 by Chris Rodriguez

Mayor Pirnack & members of Council
At a recent Airport Advisory Board meeting and in today’s Times-Call there’s talk of an airport control tower study at Vance Brand Airport. I am an air traffic controller with the FAA, but I am speaking on behalf of myself only. Continue reading

Petition against Noise Abatement Procedure

Speech made to the Airport Advisory Board October 10, 2002 by Chris Rodriguez

Tonight I’d like to present to the Board the signatures of 214 people who signed a petition that was at Airwest, Twin Peaks, and Mile Hi Skydiving. The petition reads, “I, the undersigned, am against the current Vance Brand Noise Abatement Procedures, specifically flying a wide pattern with a large noise footprint, and an unsafe distance (the railroad tracks) from the airport. I ask that the Airport Advisory Board remove this current procedure from the Airport Master Plan and come back with a procedure similar to the 1992 NA plan. I am in favor of SAFE Noise Abatement Procedures that are considerate to our neighbors, with a tight close-in pattern to reduce the noise footprint to the greater community.” Continue reading

Table Mountain Association doesn’t speak for pilots, airport, or safety

Speech made to City Council September 24, 2002 by Chris Rodriguez

In an letter to the editor today in the Daily Times-Call about the proposed runway extension, it said the “reasons are merely to ensure the safety of the aircraft that currently use the facility.” Merely? Does this association (Table Mountain Association) and the supposed 1,000 people it speaks for, of which how many I wonder know they’re being represented this way, pretend to put my safety, my wife and children’s safety, and my aircraft’s safety lower than someone else’s? Or any of the users of the airport? Continue reading

9/11 and Wrongmont

9/11 and this website, what could they possibly have to do with each other? Plenty. That day was an attack on this country, personal freedoms, and aviation. It put many in the aviation community in a defensive mode. Defending their personal freedom to take to the sky in what has to be one of the best literal examples of freedom. For some flight is just a dream, for some it’s a hobby, for some it’s a livelihood, for many it’s a state of mind and a way of life. Now when people look overhead and see an airplane, any kind of airplane, they look at it differently than they did before that day. Continue reading

Vance Brand Airport no place for threatening behavior

Speech made to the Longmont City Council August 13, 2002 by Chris Rodriguez

First off I’d like to thank the Mayor, the City Council, and the City staff who have returned my calls about the situation out at the airport. I also want to commend them on doing the right thing and stopping the movement of the airport beacon. It is a step, hopefully the first of many, in the right direction. Continue reading